Umar proudly holding the BAFTA awarded for Gogglebox

Umar has worked in the NHS as a Biomedical Scientist in Microbiology for close to 17 years. Having become state registered in 2002, he has stayed in this profession and has found his job rewarding, interesting and exciting.
Umar’s enthusiasm for science isn’t just confined to Microbiology, he loves all things scientific and can loosely be described as the brainbox of the family, not to discredit the other Siddiquis who are intelligent in their own way.
Although a serious professional, Umar always finds time to enjoy the lighter side of his working life with his friends at his former place of work, the Royal Derby Hospital occasionally referred to as ‘The Micro Massive’. He not only joins them on social functions but is often called upon to give speeches which are usually accompanied by amusing anecdotes and poems, to commemorate birthdays, weddings and retirements etc.
Umar is always willing to promote his profession and science in general, as a career path. This includes, but is not limited to, giving talks at schools, colleges and universities, attending careers fares and promotion through social media or writing a small article for the local media.
Outside of work Umar’s main interest is in the production of electronic music. He has been making and sharing his music on SoundCloud for over 7 years and has racked up over 7000 plays with a small group of loyal followers. Umar is currently trying to add a more professional touch to his music which is made primarily using a combination of music software, synthesisers, guitar and piano.
With regards to his music Umar is keen to collaborate with local artists or organisations that work in the performing arts, he has recently also set up a YouTube channel to showcase his music and the lyrics to some of his songs.