Baasit before the 2017 London Marathon

Baasit qualified as a secondary school and sixth form teacher in 2007. Over the last ten years he has taught at GCSE and A level as a teacher of Information Communication Technology, business and computer science. He has worked in a managerial role for seven years of his career, originally a deputy head of ICT, then as a head of ICT, and in the last two years he has successfully supported the merging of ICT and business within the school he is employed by. During his many years of teaching, Baasit has built up an excellent rapport with staff and students alike. As a KS3, KS4 and sixth form tutor, Baasit has had the privilege of supporting students transitioning from GCSE through to sixth form and been in a position to offer support in moving forward after education, whether in to apprenticeships, or university education. Baasit would be happy to provide support and words of wisdom to students at different schools regarding a career in teaching, a career in ICT, business and computer science.

Baasits latest educational venture, is the setting up of a Siddiqui Education Ltd. Through this business. Baasit has combined his teaching experience and media renown with the view to offer a number of unique workshops across many different educational institutes. To find out more click here.

Baasit has used his celebrity experience to allow him to fulfill a lifelong passion. He has been an avid runner for over a decade, and has been extremely lucky to run the London marathon twice. In April 2016 he ran it for the first time for Great Ormond Street. In April 2017, Baasit became the first person ever to live stream starting and completing the London marathon, this involved running 26.2 miles with a headset with a live streaming mobile phone attached to it. He did this for the BBC Sports Facebook page and had thousands of comments of support from well-wishers from all over the world. He was complimented for his professionalism and effort in trying to talk and report the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the London marathon whilst running the gruelling miles. Using the momentum of such an amazing experience, Baasit has provided motivational advice to future marathon runners in talks organised by London marathon. He was also been the celebrity starter for the Derby “Ramathon” half marathon earlier this year, and in September 2017 he will be joining the radio presenter Cat James, in running the Nottingham Robin Hood half marathon. His recent sporting endeavours have been to raise money for Gem 106’s Cash for Kids charity.

Baasit has always enjoyed a challenge, as well as running; he undertook the arduous challenge of cycling from Derby to Paris over four days to raise money to help support a village in Uganda. Although this was eight years ago, it is a testament to his ambition to test himself physically in aid of a good cause.